2 meter sessions – Sweet Boy

A new wednesday, a new 2 Meter video.

This one started out as a jam in our rehearsal space, with three pieces of music we had a hard time combining with eachother.
When producer Simon Akkermans got involved during the recording sessions, we got the puzzle fixed together. Thanks Simon.

Sweet Boy is a story about someone who runs into his younger self. What would you do. What kind of advice would you give him/her?

Have a listen!

2 meter sessions – Straaljager

The second song we performed at 2 Meter Sessions was ‘Straaljager’.

Arthur works in the city centre of Utrecht, and on the opposite side of him there would always be the same homeless guy, selling street-newspapers. His name was Hans. Most people just ignored him, but when Arthur came to know him a little bit better he turned out to be a kind and intelligent man, who just had too much misfortune in his life.

When one day he wasn’t sitting in his regular spot anymore, Arthur found out Hans had passed away, without anyone really noticing. Then, this song came out. An ode to Hans, the street-newspaper seller.

2 METER SESSIonS – apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is the first song we recorded at 2 Meter Sessions. Before we started, they said something like ‘we really dig your energy guys’. So we thought we’d start with giving them some of that frenzy.

The song is about the neverending search for more, bigger and better, en how that doesn’t always bring you more happiness.
Happiness should come from within, and if you manage to get that, the rest will be a side issue.

It’s called Apocalypse Now because the song started with a jam where Niek’s guitar sounded like a helicopter, and it reminded us of the film. So, now you know..